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A Car Story:
My car‘s “check engine light” came on last week. I screwed the gas cap down good and tight, drove for a few days (like a responsible owner) and it… dah dah duuuuum… stayed on. So I called Subaru, told them it had “just” turned on and said “WTF”. He asked if the car was overheating, I told him “no, cause then I would have told you that the light came on _and_ the engine was overheating” (I obviously didn’t really say that… but I hope it came thru in my hesitant…. “um, no?”). He then said that it was some emissions thing (probably) and that unless the car was overheating it was fine to drive and when did I want to bring it in. Now (to quote OldManMurray) here’s where I would normally be saying “to make a long story short”, but this story is already longer than the whole phone call… so anywho, I’m bringing it in tomorrow morning. Hopefully they’ll fix it better than Chevy, who, for my StepDad’s Tahoe, simply disabled the check engine light when they couldn’t diagnose the cause after three visits (nice way to avoid CA’s lemon law). I wonder if this is a result of that missed shift last week… nah, probably not.

Written by jthurber

March 31st, 2003 at 12:07 am

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