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Feedlounge: Radio Silence has been broken!

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Alex and Scott have announced the alpha release of Feedlounge! Feedlounge is a “web-based RSS/Atom feed reader”… (at this point you may be thinking)… umm… cool!? Actually, it’s really cool:

  • If you’re an RSS-addict, you’re also probably someone that moves between computers on a regular basis. A web-based reader means that your feeds are always in sync, with any new subscriptions, read and un-read items in the state you left them, no matter which of your n computers you’re sitting in front of.
  • Feedlounge is the only app I’ve used that gives nothing away to a rich-client app. Your keyboard works exactly the way you expect. It actually leads to a bit of cognitive dissonance (in a good way 😉 )when you press the arrow key in a web-app and it actually does the right thing. This is trademark Alex, the guy builds good web-app!

It’s been difficult not to talk about this since, well, since it’s conception almost a year ago. I’ve really enjoyed working with Alex, Scott and the rest of the Feedlounge development crew and I’m continually amazed by the Feedlounge app… it’s awesome.

Head over to the site and check it out!

Written by jthurber

June 9th, 2005 at 10:52 am