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Treo 650 – Everything you could want from a cell phone… almost

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Following several separate occasions on which I spent hours at a time unable to make calls from my Treo 600, I decided to upgrade to a Treo 650.

This was an unusual consumer experience, as I kept going from store to store trying to get a deal. I’d go to Fry’s to look at Sprint phones (got ’til October on the contract ya’ know), then I’d go to the Sprint store, then I’d come home to do research online. Every time I’d get home my wife would ask, “Did you buy a phone yet?”, and I’d say, “No, they either suck or are too expensive.” She was actually getting a bit pissed that I wouldn’t pull the trigger and buy something (anyone who knows my regular buying habits realizes this is a bit out of character for me). Finally I got sick of trying to save $100 or $50 or $150, went to the Sprint store and just bought the phone.

First impressions:
– The screen is awesome!
– Buttons are just different enough to confuse my Treo 600 muscle-memory (on which I could touch-type)
– Quick Launch/Phone screen is a major improvement
– Why did they have to change the connector?! Now I have to buy another retractable USB charging cable.

After using the phone for awhile:
– The NVFS file system isn’t a big deal
– Bluetooth is really awesome in unexpected ways, and lame in the way I thought it would be cool
– Amazing: bluetooth sync, dun and salling clicker!
– Lame: headsets are static’y
– Battery life is really excellent
– The screen is truly amazing

“Must have” list for the Treo 650:
Free 128mb SD Card from PalmOne to make up for the NVFS issues (NOTE: I waited long enough to post this that I’ve already received this card 😉 ).
Salling Clicker – Perhaps the coolest thing you can do with tha’ ‘toof
iSync Palm Conduit
The Missing Sync – Allows hotsync via bluetooth and some other cool things
– How to get Bluetooth DUN working: http://vocaro.com/trevor/treo-dun/

My moment of Zen:
Riding in the car on the way to Sacramento, VPN’d into work on my Powerbook over bluetooth, Remote-Desktop’in to my work machine. It was totally usable! As I IM’d to Scott, ‘I’m living in the future!’.

Written by jthurber

January 20th, 2005 at 11:14 pm

Back to LaunchBar

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Well, I noticed that Quicksilver was consuming 400’ish MB of Virtual Memory (and 200’ish MB of Real Memory) and was starting to get sloooow. So, goodbye Quicksilver, hello again LaunchBar 4 Beta 9.

Thing I really liked about Quicksilver:

  • Free
  • Some cool plugins (like the iTunes plugin)
  • Automatically knows how to run dockless and start at login (which is the right way for a program like this to run)
  • Things I didn’t like so much:

  • Very little content indexed by default
  • Seemed to slow waaaay down when more content was added
  • Default interface consumed a LOT of space when activated (unlike the “mini interface” which looked just like Launchbar)
  • Doesn’t use cmd+space as the default activation key… only a negative if you’re used to Launchbar
  • BTW – If you’re running OSX and not running one of these programs (or one of the other flavors of the same) you’re really missing out!

    Written by jthurber

    October 20th, 2004 at 3:40 pm

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