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Well, I noticed that Quicksilver was consuming 400’ish MB of Virtual Memory (and 200’ish MB of Real Memory) and was starting to get sloooow. So, goodbye Quicksilver, hello again LaunchBar 4 Beta 9.

Thing I really liked about Quicksilver:

  • Free
  • Some cool plugins (like the iTunes plugin)
  • Automatically knows how to run dockless and start at login (which is the right way for a program like this to run)
  • Things I didn’t like so much:

  • Very little content indexed by default
  • Seemed to slow waaaay down when more content was added
  • Default interface consumed a LOT of space when activated (unlike the “mini interface” which looked just like Launchbar)
  • Doesn’t use cmd+space as the default activation key… only a negative if you’re used to Launchbar
  • BTW – If you’re running OSX and not running one of these programs (or one of the other flavors of the same) you’re really missing out!

    Written by jthurber

    October 20th, 2004 at 3:40 pm

    Posted in apple,computers