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The obligation of Smart Playlists.

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So, now I’ve got this “Un-Rated” playlist on my iPod (as detailed in an earlier post). Now I feel this compulsion to listen to all of my unrated songs and assign them ratings.

This is a bad thing because I have approximately 4000 unrated songs (excluding Audio Books) on my iPod. However, this is also something of a good thing because I’m listening to my music collection a song at a time (instead of as general background noise) and running each song thru a simple, mental, rules-engine that looks something like?

  • Do I hate this song? = 1 star (not 0 stars as this would leave it in the un-rated playlist)
  • Do I not want to hear this song again, but don’t hate it? = 2 stars
  • Would I not mind listening to this song again, but wouldn’t seek it out? = 3 stars
  • Do I want to listen to this song again soon? And probably again soon after that? = 4 stars
  • Would this be one of the songs I would want if I could only listen to 100-odd songs for the rest of my life? = 5 stars

    You can see that I’m making this whole 5-star range cover a very wide range of emotional response. As you can probably guess, there are a lot of 3 star songs out there!

  • Written by jthurber

    November 5th, 2003 at 3:46 pm

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