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Delkin Cardbus32 + OSX != Kernel Panic

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If you haven’t been following the saga of the Delkin Cardbus32 and Delkin’s support (or lack thereof) for OSX here’s a short (self-centered) history:
– I posted this summary of my problems.
– Delkin issued an apology for taking so long with the drivers. Here’s the letter on Rob Galbraith’s site.
– Delkin recently released new driver’s for OSX (available here) that don’t require restarting your laptop every time you want to download a CF card.

I tested it yesterday on my newly-rebuilt fresh-from-Apple laptop (that’s a whole other story) and it seems to work fine. It’s FAST, and was worth the wait. If you download images in the field to a Mac laptop, this is the way to go!

Written by jthurber

August 3rd, 2004 at 10:50 am

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