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One MBP to rule them…

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Since December I’ve been using a smoking Sager 9890 for “work stuff” (namely, running XP, Office/Outlook) and anything that needs to happen really fast (like photo processing or playing Grand Theft Auto). The Sager 9890 is a crazy machine: dual 80gb drives in RAID0, Nvidia GTX 7800 video card, 2gb ram (with 2 spare slots)… the fastest machine I have ever used, bar none! My old Powerbook 15 (AiBook G4 1.25ghz) was used for… um, browsing on the couch and watching TONS of Top Gear. Now that the MacBook Pro has been out for a bit, can dual-boot to WinXP, is fairly stable, and you can get a “properly” equipped one without going the BTO route, I’ve decided to pull the trigger and go with a single solutio.

So… I’m writing this from a MacBook Pro 15.4 2.16ghz with a 100gb 7200rpm drive (currently has 1gb of RAM, but help is on the way). It currently has Parallels running XP with everything I need on the Windows-side of the world and (of course) OSX for doing everything that doesn’t involve Outlook :). I’m very pleased Apple decided to go the Intel-route, as this has allowed me to consolidate work and, well, other work in a single machine. I like to work in OSX, but sometimes I need to work in XP. The MacBook Pro will let me do both… now I just need to come up with a good name for it (the AiBook was never called anything but PB15)!

[Update] My new 1gb stick of ram from Transintl.com came in today. It makes a HUGE difference!

Written by jthurber

May 15th, 2006 at 8:53 pm

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