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From John Robb’s Radio Weblog (thanks Scott).

A war for liberation requires that we arm, train, and support freedom fighters in Iraq. We haven’t even tried to do that. We didn’t even start serious talks with the Iraqi National Congress until last week. The Kurds have languished in silent obscurity until recently. The propoganda we sent into Iraq doesn’t (as far as I have seen) incite people to revolt. Clearly, the US military didn’t want to deal with armed freedom fighters in the post Saddam military protectorate. We didn’t want their participation. Our inaction means that a popular revolt won’t happen. It can’t happen. This portion of the US strategy is clearly schizophrenic. We want popular support, but we don’t really want it because it can get out of hand. – Source Blog

This guy is worth reading!

Written by jthurber

April 2nd, 2003 at 11:18 am

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