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Smash and grab…

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A lovely sight greeted my wife as she returned to our car at Fort Funston. Some wonderful human being had smashed our rear quarter window (the one with the antenna in it) and stolen… almost nothing. They stole a roadside assistance kit (basically jumper cables and some other stuff, I’ve never opened it) and our “earthquake bag”, which contained water, some food and some tools. The did not steal the iPod out of the glovebox or anything else out of the trunk.

$450 later we have a new window. Any thieves reading this, please note, the least expensive windows on a car are almost always the ones that roll down! This is compared to the most expensive ones that have tint and/or wires in them (which is all the other ones on the Forester).

BTW – AA Willian’s Auto Glass in Mountain View (650-937-0272) did a great job and had it fixed the morning after it was broken (at my office).

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April 24th, 2008 at 3:43 pm

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