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iPod’y goodness

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Before I left for NZ I planned to sell my iPod and miss the price drop resulting from the new ones. Sadly I waited to long and must know the pain of selling too late…

I placed an ad on craigslist.org, we’ll see how it goes. There is some really funny stuff out there. I particularly liked this jewel (someone had already responded):

-now are holding an OBSOLETE iPod music player in your hand because today the new iPod came out and the file format has switched from MP3 to AAC (mac only) to be compatible with the new Apple Music Store and the new iTunes 4.
-have an iPod that is at least 10gb harddrive and it must be a touch-wheel or scroll-wheel model from before April 18, 2003 without a dock connector or it’s from after April 18,2003. (I’m using a software update, must be correct model type)
-recognize that your iPod is pretty much worthless at this point so you need to unload it. Sorry to say it, trust me I just moved, I feel your pain. I had to sell my old iMac for $30. (sniff) I loved that thing. And even if you don’t view your beloved iPod as worthless, you…
-are going to buy the new iPod, maybe you already have, because you’re a super-cool hipster who must keep up with the progress of technology.
…a bit further down…
NOTE: sorry but I’m really not looking to pay more than $50 for either of these items; in fact I’d prefer less than that. You must recognize that it’s very tough to unload old equipment and be thankful to get even that much. Don’t mean to insult you, but trust me this market sucks and it’s near-impossible to get what an item’s really worth.

Hope this guy emails me, he seems cool.

Written by jthurber

May 2nd, 2003 at 12:18 am

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